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No matter what program they are in, all the individuals we serve are offered both habilitation services and person-centered planning. Each service is geared toward making those we serve able to augment their social and professional skills, become involved in areas of their choosing and thrive.

Habilitation – Individuals are assigned a counselor or case manager that will help them and their families establish goals, work toward those goals and continue to grow. Counselors and case managers offer support on a regular basis and review their progress at least once a year.

Person Centered Planning – All the individuals we serve go through Person Centered Planning, an ongoing process used to help individuals plan for their future based on their own aspirations, desires and ability. Through our planning process, clients develop the skills to achieve their goals; increase opportunities to participate in the community; and gain control over their lives and future. Person-centered plans are flexible and involve anyone the individual wants to participate in the planning process.


The Roland Center’s employment and vocational training programs are the foundation for those looking to develop the hard and soft skills needed for employment and community integration. All participants are paid as they learn and are assigned a counselor that works with them to set goals, grow and achieve their personal best.

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